Greetings:  I am Archangel Jeremiel!

I assist all with clearing of negative thought patterns, and shadows of their being that no longer serve them. I work in a very loving and subtle way. I may bring to mind some of your past memories to help you understand the present situation you may be finding difficult or burdensome.  One can never fully understand themselves unless the full picture is brought into focus. With the remembrances of past experiences, this helps all who wish to work with me to ground into the present moment and focus on what is really important right now. You may ask yourself, how can I better handle this situation for my highest and best good, so I do not fail this life test again?  I say fail because in the human form things are centered around earthly success and failure.  Please understand that all experiences are for your souls growth. Earth is indeed the greatest school and some would say one of the hardest teachers! Please know, you are never alone, I Archangel Jeremiel will be your support through all of the things that come to the surface that no longer your serve you in ways of the spirit. Do not hesitate to call upon me, I can help you clear old ways of thinking and integrate into your psyche new ways that are both healing and beneficial for your soul purpose and you life mission her on earth. Be well, and know that you are never alone, you are loved and held always by me, and all of the Angelic beings of light. We are but a call away. Merely think of us, and we are there to assist. 

A Channeled Message from: Rev Melissa 

Love, Peace and Angel Blessings to all!