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Hello: My Name is Rev. Melissa

 I am your Psychic 
It is rather bold to call oneself psychic but, I would not be speaking
my truth, if I did not call myself that. What is a psychic you might ask?

A psychic by definition is someone who can relate or denote faculties
or phenomena that are not apparent by inexplicable natural laws, especially
involving telepathy or any of the commonly known clairs.  
Such as clairvoyance (clear seeing)
clairaudience (clear hearing) clairsentience(clear feeling) 
claircognizance (clear knowing)
clairgustance (clear tasting) clairalience (clear smelling)

I happen to embody every one of these 'clairs'. 
I am also an empath (an empath is someone who has the paranormal ability 
to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual), 
Which amplifies these senses or clairs even more.

First and foremost I am a healer. I firmly believe that in connecting with our
divine spark, healing begins to unfold in our lives. I truly believe that all
Intuitive work with my clients is healing on some level. Every session is
infused with divine light and love. I am attuned to many different healing
modalities Including Reiki and Atlantean Healing. I take a very focused
approach with my clients in regards to healing. By opening up your own
awareness to your own Intuitive nature, we work together for your highest
and best good, in this now moment in time.

I am also an Angel Channel or Communicator.  
All of my psychic readings are Angel guided.
So you can be sure the messages you receive are purely divine.  
I am merely the conduit of this free flowing energy and information. 

What does this all mean you might ask?
It means that as I have grown in years and wisdom. I have
developed these spiritual gifts. I am now able to understand them
and recognize how they work for me and now I can use them to help others.
So, that is what this site is about. It is my life mission to help others
live an abundant spiritual life, with clear intentions, and clear focus.
I also draw upon my educational background
in Metaphysical Science, to help others. I am not merely a follower of the Divine,
I am a disciple. I have fully immersed myself in the pursuit of Divine Truths.
I hold my Degree in Metaphysical Science and am presently studying for my Ph.D.

What can I do with my training and wisdom? I can provide you insight
Into some areas that may be keeping you from living your best spiritual life.
Chances are, if you are looking for a psychic or any kind or an Intuitive,
You are probably a very intuitively aware person yourself.
It is a total synchronicity that you have found my page.

I hope that this helps you to understand some of what a psychic can do for you.

What you can count on with me when I do readings is I always work
With my Angels and guides, in unison with yours
For your highest good and best outcome.

I also offer one on one Mentorship Sessions for people
who are on their spiritual awakening path or journey.
I am not here to drive the vehicle, I am here to hand you the keys!
I love helping other's to trust their intuition
And embrace all things 'Spiritual, Divine and Metaphysical'.

Life is not as black and white as what we have been led to believe.
There is a vastness of Universal knowledge and energy,
Just waiting for mankind to embrace it, and use it to the best of our abilities.
I envision a world where one day, people will not be considered strange,
Taboo, or outside of the box, if you will, for embracing
All of what life has to offer us, spiritually, and metaphysically.

If you are still with me. Feel free to drop me a message to book an appt.

I am always available to answer questions.

email me @whisperingwindpsychiccowgirl@yahoo.com 

Or text message @918.351.5182

I can't wait to connect with you.

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Rev. Melissa