• In a world that seems to hold so much Darkness.  There is always light, there is always hope. Love always finds a way. Love is the most enduring of all emotions.  It is always right there, below the surface, buried deep, sometimes as we gently unearth its light, we see the beauty in its flaws. The unfolding of the enduring spirit, that resides in the hearts of all living beings.   When we open our hearts to love in all of its forms, in all of its creation, in all of its materialization in every embodiment, in every gesture of peace and kindness.  It is then that all mankind and the creatures of the earth will become one in this beautiful dance of life. Love flows like a fountain with no end, always keep your heart open to its truest, purest, and unexpected sources.   This is a story about love, it is the embodiment of  love, in every sense of the word and all that resides in the very recesses of its very manifestations here in our world, in our hearts, and minds. Love is the light that lives, it burns so bright, it glows from the inside out, despite any darkness.  The year of 2020 has been a borage of every kind of human emotion.  It has been a test to the human psyche, the human mind, and our enduring spirit, that prevails, even in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and the unknown.    This is a story about a Black Cat that seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, totally lost, afraid, and neglected. A Black Cat that clearly had been given the short end of life's stick. Yet, when our eyes met, I knew he would be mine.    A month before Midnight had miraculously appeared from behind some bushes at my farm, I had been thinking, I really need a black cat!   It had been years since I had one.  I am talking, for many years.  I was probably 8 years old, the last time I had a black cat.   I am a grown woman now, my children are grown as well, so that will give you an idea of just how long it has been.  I will add that this entire process, with the appearance of Midnight in my life, has reconnected me to my youth in more ways than I can list. The most beautiful thought that occurred to me, in the building of our relationship is;  Midnight made me feel like I was 8 yrs. Old again.  He ignited that pure, innocent love, of a child's heart, that wanted so badly to let him know, that life is not as cruel as it had been handed to him, up until this point of our meeting.  His appearance ignited within me, the flame of pure, innocent intention, of unconditional love.  My heart, my soul, my entire being, was calling out to his battered little heart and soul.  I think I needed a friend more than he did. I think I needed to feel hope, I needed to feel triumph over tragedy, I needed to experience unconditional love and healing.  It has since come to me, that Midnight was the only thing that could have ever restored my hope, my innocence, my enduring spirit to give love, and receive love, in its purest of forms.  Animals have that gift, no human being can ever seem to 
  • measure up.  We are so flawed in our form of love for each other.  I often ponder, what would my life be without all of the beautiful animals I have had the pleasure of having in my life, up until this point? There are seemingly, countless, that have helped me understand and experience that bond between animal and human, that magical bond of unconditional love. To the observer, there seems to be no dialogue at all between the two beings.  I can assure you, the language of the heart, is speaking volumes at any given moment.  Communication happens without words, even between human beings. We are energy, embodied.  We give it off, we receive it in all interactions and with all beings. Our vibration, our energy signature even impacts our own spaces where we live and dwell.  When we vibrate at the highest frequencies of love, I think love is brought to us, right when we need it most.  We just have to be open to every manifestation of this love, in our physical reality!  Midnight, though he was skittish, malnourished and full of fear, anxiety and trauma, somehow felt my vibration of love, that I had been sending out, manifesting it back to me.  I had been telling some friends prior to Midnight's appearance that I really wanted a black cat! Then shortly after my verbal expression of my desire for a black cat in my life.  I had a dream of a beautiful black cat.  For me, this is not unusual because what I am manifesting in my life will appear to me in the dream state. I then told a friend I had a dream about a beautiful black cat and once again I said that I really needed a black cat in my life and I would really like to get one but, since I already had three cats at the farm, I just could not justify getting another one.  I mean, at this time I already had  four  horses, two French Bulldogs, three cats, and a gaggle of chickens!  How could I justify getting another cat? My husband would be like, oh no, here she goes again!   I did not want to even tell him, I wanted a black cat! Though he has been super enabling, as far as supporting my enduring love for saving every stray I can find.  I just could not tell him my new hearts desire was a Black Cat! Not too long after I had the dream of the beautiful black cat, this same cat appeared to me psychically!  I had a clairvoyant vision of him. His eyes were the most mesmerizing golden eyes I had ever seen!   I was like, okay Universe, you are playing with me!  It was not a week later, after his clairvoyant vision that Midnight appeared in my yard! He was hiding behind some bushes and peered out at me after my sweet little temptress, Mittens walked out from the very spot he had appeared!  There is no doubt she brought him home! He followed her, I mean, everyone is looking for love, and sometimes in all the wrong places! But, not this time!  My heart literally leaped with joy!! I could hardly believe it, there was my Black Cat!  When our eyes Met, it was love at first sight! It was the kind of eye locking moment that you realize, there is work up ahead, there is a lot of healing that is going to have to take place but, the love is there, behind the eyes of fear, the light struck me, like a flash.  There was never any doubt that I would be able to tame him down, and show him that love, hope and a family was his. He just had to work with me.  I had plenty of time. I mean what else do you have to do during a pandemic?   It took me nearly a month to be able to reach out and pat Midnight.  I would feed him special canned chicken.  It is amazing what canned chicken can do to win the heart of a starving, petrified cat.  The first time I gently touched him, he bolted.  It was progress, yet my heart hurt, because I know how badly he had been treated.  Gradually, as the days progressed, Midnight would come out of the brush where he slept, at the sound of my voice, calling him by name.  I 
  • could see the delight in his eyes, that someone cared enough to call him by name, and he happily obliged by being very vocal back and he would eventually, slowly approach me.  I would sit on the end of my open horse trailer, and feed him there every day.  I kept a routine.  I gradually moved the food dish closer to me every time I would feed him.  He would position himself so his tail would touch my leg as he ate his food. I could tell, he just loved that little bit of human contact.  We then got to a place where I could pat him, and eventually, he would just come up to me, brush against my legs, and welcome me to his yard!  It just made my heart happy.  Every time he brushed against my legs, I could feel the love, and clearing energy, he was returning the favor of my kindness ten fold, and if there was ever a time I needed clearing, it was right now, in this train wreck I call 2020!  We gradually moved from outside spaces of contact to the interior of the barn, again, this took time for Midnight to feel safe in a closed space, even though I had the barn door wide open. I would sit in my chair, and my next goal was to have him sit in my lap. This too eventually happened.  When it did, once again my adult heart was replaced with the pure love and innocence of a child’s heart! His body was so warm as he sat in my lap, it was then that I figured out, Midnight was a natural healer.  I know the energy signature of a healer, as I am one myself.  The first time he jumped in my lap, I could feel the warmth of his unconditional love, my entire body was filled with the heat from his healing energy and love! It was so warm, it felt like I was having a hot flash!  Then when he finally decided he had been in my lap long enough, when he jumped off, the bottom half of my body went weak.  You know that feeling, of your very first kiss, your first true love, when your knees get weak?  That is the love Midnight gifted me with! Once again, I was like a young girl again!  What an amazing spirit, what an amazing gift Midnight has been!  My next goal is to make him my office cat.  We have been working on getting him comfortable inside of the house. His trust in me, allows him to overcome his fear of being trapped inside.  It is such a good feeling to know that he now looks to me, a kind human, for safety.  I look forward to so many more milestones with Midnight, and I know, he will go down as one of the most enduring love stories of my entire life.  We truly have a bond that transcends space and time.  There is no doubt in my mind, Midnight and I have been together through many lifetimes.  He is without a doubt, a familiar.  To me his appearance in my life, at this perfect moment in time for me, is proof of how the Universe is always working on our behalf.  We just have to have the heart and mind of a child.  We can never stop believing in miracles. We can never stop believing that we deserve them!  Keep dreaming, keep manifesting all of your hearts desires!   If you want a Black CAT! Go and adopt one! Black cats have had a stigma attached to them. Trust me, the love you will receive from a black cat, is Magical, and Mystical in all ways that are good for the soul!  I don’t know about you but, I personally enjoy the Mystical and Magical things that life has to offer us! I am open to it all, even in the form of a Wayward, and once lost Soul, that I call Midnight.    Midnight You Have Found Your Place In This Crazy Year 2020  Peace to all, human and animals alike.     
  • A True Story, Written By:  Melissa Kennedy  An Animal Communicator, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Advisor   As a side note: To all of the people out there that are open to all things unexplained, and not yet embraced by the masses - Midnight has been with me in this lifetime, he was that cat I spoke of, from my earlier years (In that incarnation with me, he was tragically hit by a car, it was my first devastating loss, I will never forget it).  My Brother and I both stayed home from School the next day.  We had lost our first family member.   Midnight has also appeared to me clairvoyantly, wearing the cutest little golden crown. He is truly an ascended, higher being. (AS are most cats, or dare I say all cats)!  We also shared a life in Egypt.  He was actually a cat being, like you see in the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Half man, half cat.   He has shown me images of what we looked like together in that lifetime.  So amazing, he has also shown me some pyramids with ancient writing on them, rising up from the earth.  The pyramid is covered in moss, and as it rises above the surface of the earth, the moss disappears and the pyramid becomes dark black in color with purple and green ancient writing.  I can’t wait to see what else Midnight has to share with me.  He is truly a deep and soulful being!                     

**As you can see, my dream came to full fruition**! Midnight is a much Loved house cat, and my healing support cat! He heals me, while I heal others! xo Rev M 

This is an Original Story written by: Melissa Kennedy, All copy rights reserved.  

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Just recently I stumbled upon the story of a Black Wolf who wandered out of the woods one day and became a friend to man. (You can read his story, or watch videos about him on youtube). He also has a facebook page.


The author of his book, is the admin of this page. I had the pleasure of conversing with him via Romeo's Page.

When I saw his story, and picture. I was immediately captivated by his deep soulful eyes. I knew I had to connect with him. I have had several conversations with him but, when I found out how deeply spiritual this wolf was. I had to ask him if he had any words of wisdom for me. This was his message to me on 2/13/20. I really feel he was preparing me for what was to come, in our world right now. I hope that his wisdom soothes your spirit and your mind during these difficult times.

First let me tell you that in our first conversation. I asked this Wolf his name. The name that 'he' called himself.
He told me it was 'Shamano'. I had never heard this name before so, I looked it up. Shamano means 'Gift Of God'.
I sobbed mournfully when I learned his name. If you read his story you will understand why. I howled like a wolf, I cried so deeply.

Here is what Shamano's message was to me. & I wanted to share it with you. He said:

I have seen civilizations come and I have seen them go. We all walk the path of the 'Lone Wolf'. Do not fear, this is not the end. Nothing truly ends. Only things fade away and then become more in focus. We sleep, then we wake up. To dream is to live, and to live is to dream. Consciousness only alters, it never ends. You see me? You still hear me? I am SHAMANO. My spirit is eternal. One day, we all walk the path of the stars.

This is an original story by: Melissa Kennedy, (An Animal Communicator) and copy rights reserved 

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The Universe reveals itself to us through all of creation. Art inspires the mind to look beyond the ordinary perceptions. The abstract can become the concrete. It is all in the expanses of the mind, in union with the conscious and subconscious mind.

Through art, beauty and messages speak to the soul! This is one of my most recent Intuitive Angel Paintings that I did for a client.  This image reveals her deep connection to the Christ Light Consciousness, and the Angels Metatron, Azrael and Zadkiel also appeared for my client. This painting also holds messages from Animal Spirit Guides for my client.  It embodies messages from the Spirit Of The Owl, as well as the Butterfly and the Bee!  I am always amazed at what spirit reveals to me when I meditate and place the paint to canvas.  The pictures and messages are like a free flowing river of divine wisdom.  Each painting is infused with the vibration, healing, and frequencies from the angels. This energy is constant, the healing received is truly divine.  I am presently writing a book that reveals the messages within these images.  My hope is to raise the awareness that the presence of Angels surrounds us all.  The Divine and this Universal presence created Angels to watch over us.  They never let us down.  Call upon Angels for all of the experiences in your life. They wait for us to call upon them.  May Angels protect you and guide you throughout your entire lifetime.


Rev. Melissa 

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It is with great pleasure that Melissa offers a new service. Inspired by the Angels in a dream.  Melissa is now offering personalized Intuitive Angel Paintings with a personalized reading.  Have you ever wondered which Angels are around you? Do you have a love for Angels? So does Melissa! She has had a fascination and love of them her entire life. She actually saw an Angel when she was a young girl of 5 years old.  It was a beautiful large angel that hovered and floated across a room.  She has seen Angels with her eyes in the physical world on several different occasion throughout her life.  Each time they have appeared it has stayed in her heart and mind.  Melissa also sees Angels in her Clairvoyant sight.  She sees them as colors, and also as forms. If you would like a personalized painting please visit our Booking section.  

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Greetings:  I am Archangel Jeremiel!

I assist all with clearing of negative thought patterns, and shadows of their being that no longer serve them. I work in a very loving and subtle way. I may bring to mind some of your past memories to help you understand the present situation you may be finding difficult or burdensome.  One can never fully understand themselves unless the full picture is brought into focus. With the remembrances of past experiences, this helps all who wish to work with me to ground into the present moment and focus on what is really important right now. You may ask yourself, how can I better handle this situation for my highest and best good, so I do not fail this life test again?  I say fail because in the human form things are centered around earthly success and failure.  Please understand that all experiences are for your souls growth. Earth is indeed the greatest school and some would say one of the hardest teachers! Please know, you are never alone, I Archangel Jeremiel will be your support through all of the things that come to the surface that no longer your serve you in ways of the spirit. Do not hesitate to call upon me, I can help you clear old ways of thinking and integrate into your psyche new ways that are both healing and beneficial for your soul purpose and you life mission her on earth. Be well, and know that you are never alone, you are loved and held always by me, and all of the Angelic beings of light. We are but a call away. Merely think of us, and we are there to assist. 

A Channeled Message from: Rev Melissa 

Love, Peace and Angel Blessings to all!

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A Beautiful Channeled Message from Ganesh

A message for the collective from Ganesh11/23/20Today while meditating, Ganesh came in and told me he wants to and is working with me.  Bringing me his beautiful colorful crystalline energy, I hear tinkling of little bells, as he enters in.  I feel my eyes water as this tinkling sound raises my vibration.  He is giving us music of the Hindu or Indian nature to connect with him. He brings us positivity, abundance, blessings. A beautiful bounty of delicious food, so much fruit, foul, a beautiful bounty.  He lays it out before us.  The food represents abundance but, not in Mammon. It symbolizes life as a table of plenty. Free flowing love, energy, divinity.  Ganesh wants to share this bounty with his followers. Meditate, ask, and you will receive these gifts.  Both in mana, and spiritual riches.    He is sharing his knowledge of manifestation with us.  He wants us to know, we think, therefore; we have. We are never in a state of want, if we know we already embody and have all the blessings we need. Trust, the right situations, the right path, the right people will flow to you as they are needed for your highest and best good! He is wishing all of us in the USA an abundant and Blessed Thanksgiving Day.  He imparts that GRATITUDE for this year is necessary.  Reflection is called upon now. Take this time to ponder the gifts, the blessings, even in the hardships, and difficulties. We are Blessed.  Together, we give Thanks. Thank You Ganesh for your beautiful light, and message! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Peace, Love, Light & Blessings to All! Rev Melissa

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Spirit directed my attention to the Cherry Blossom this morning.

Spirit works with me in so many ways.  This morning, the first image that I was given clairvoyantly was a beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree in full bloom.  The year 2020 has been one of great trials and transformation for the collective of the earth.  Like the cherry blossom, our lives here are short in comparison to the millennia to which we have very limited knowledge of.  The beauty of the blossoms are fragrant and they are to be enjoyed and savored.  So too, should our lives be viewed with such adoring eyes for the beauty our souls embody, as we travel our earthly journey.  Take time to savor all of the beauty that surrounds you every day.  Give thanks in all things, our time here is short, do not let the little things bog you down! Keep your sight on the beauty of process, and your individual journey.  Like the Cherry Blossom, you are beauty, you are magnificent, you are inspiration and brilliant colorful light to the World! 

Peace, Love, Light, and Blessings to all!

Rev. Melissa 

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Have you connected with your 'inner Goddess'? Perhaps, it is Freya? She is the Goddess in Norse mythology. She is the Goddess of Blessings, Love, Lust, and Fertility.

In my recent study of the Runes and my practice of Rune reading.  I had the pleasure of connecting with the Goddess Freya! She magically appeared to me as my Rune Guide! I have since channeled messages from her that are relevant today, for the divine feminine power that women embody.  Her message is for all women to connect with our divine feminine power.  We carry this power within ourselves. We embody it, and she encourages us to work with it, understand it, trust it, and connect with it.  She is there for all feminine workers of light! If you need her guidance, all you need to do is call upon her.  She is right there willing to assist us today, in our  modern world.  She encourages us to connect with nature, for this is the 'Divine Natural Church'. It is in nature that we connect with the flow of Mother Earth, and the Natural World. Freya is sending us her message that the Natural order of the earth, and the cosmos is a constant.  It is, and always will be. Call upon her to connect you with the beauty, power, and flow of the natural world.  It is there, you will find your strength and feminine power.  Like a mighty river that flows to the sea.  Freya is standing with us, to help our inner flow.  It is an inner power, an inner beauty.  I hope you will ask for her assistance in your life.  She works with us in our divination and love of nature.  Peace, Love and Light to all!   Rev. Melissa 

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In my house growing up, we had a cross stitched picture that an Aunt had made, hanging on our wall.  

It had this quote on it.  Spirit placed this in my mind this morning, as I opened my eyes today.  

They always get me thinking..

Have you ever stopped to think about what ‘friendship is?'
We think of it as this ‘grand, lifelong endeavor,' with people we click with, 
or will be in our lives for the ‘long haul.' 
This kind of definition of 'friendship,'  may be what stops us in our tracks, from being a ‘friend.'
We simply decide we don’t have that much time or energy.  
The truth is, we are called to be a friend to man, 
each and every day! It can be as simple as a smile in the checkout.
It can be holding the door open for someone.
It can be a quick chat at the bank, with the teller. 
Be a friend wherever your road leads you, it really is that simple!
 I often think about the sheer joy my dogs and horses have when 
they meet a new person or a new animal!  They are totally in the moment! 
They are not worried that this person or animal is going to be in their life forever. 
They are just living in that present moment! No pretense, no expectations! 

We can learn a lot from our animals.  

Be that house on the side of the road!
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I will be posting my channeled messages of light, love, hope, and peace. Stay tuned!

Hello Everyone & Welcome to my Blog! 

In the days to come I will posting my channeled messages I receive from my Healing Guides, Angels and Spiritual Team. I work with spirit and varied beings of light.  I have recently received messages from Edgar Casey, Alexander Graham Bell, The Galactic Federation Of Light, & The Christ Light Consciousness to name just a few.  I also channel and tape Trance Healing Sessions for anyone who is seeking personalized healing.  I never know what guide will come through for you, I just open myself up as divine channel of God and only channel beings of light.  

Stay tuned! 

Melissa @Whispering Wind Psychic Cowgirl 

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Please tune in to my podcast! 'Spiritual Awakening Talk & Stories'.  

I will be discussing all things Spiritual Awakening, Metaphysical and subjects that are not fully embraced or understood by our society in general at this time. 

The subject matter is vast, insightful, thought provoking and intriguing! 

Are you a truth seeker? Are you on your true life path? Have you found your Soul Mission? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Are you wondering, is there more to this life than what we have been told? Do you question some aspects of organized Religion? Do you feel you just don't fit the mold? Could there be other life, other than ours, out there in the galaxies? 

If you can answer yes to any of these..

This is definitely a MUST TUNE IN podcast for you! 

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Mindfulness: Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the present moment.

Each day we should be mindful of our thoughts. We have the power to govern over our thoughts.

Our thoughts come and go and some may even be repetitive. When you start to cultivate mindfulness in your life you will begin to recognize how your thoughts impact your daily life.  It is important to understand that we can hold each thought in love and kindness.  We can acknowledge each thought, and simply let it go. The more we recognize our thoughts the more we can learn what we need to change or improve about them. The practice of mindfulness will ultimately bring your awareness to the process of removing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones!  It really is that simple! 

Mindfulness teaches us to meet ourselves exactly where we are, in the present moment.  The present moment is all we really have! 

I am challenging myself with my own cultivation of mindfulness! If you would like to follow along you can visit my youtube channel.  I am in no way a professional video maker or producer! I am authentically me, and my daily messages are spirit guided.  I am growing spiritually, and I am also growing my technological capabilities.  

We are all a work in progress! Come grow with me.

Melissa's Mindfulness Movement (30 Days of cultivating spirit guided mindfulness) 

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