Psychic Reading

I work with my Angels and Guides in Unison with yours, to deliver clear, healing and uplifting messages.

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Spiritual Development Class

In 2023 Invest in you! Are your 'Clairs' coming on line? Are your spiritual awareness's coming on line? Learn how to understand them, and use them for your highest and best good, and for the good of those around you. These Classes meet 4 times a month, once a week on Monday evenings at 7:00 central time. Each class is spirit led and there will be a pdf for each class. There will also be a facebook page for all students to connect and share information! So come on, lets learn and grow, spiritually, together! Rev Melissa

Animal Communication

Please be sure text 918-351-5182 After paying for your session. Please send a photo of your animal companion (only) their name and age. You can also include questions you would like insight on or just put in the comments, ‘general reading’.

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Mentorship/Spiritual Guidance For Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

This is a spirit guided, spiritual development session. We work on areas you are interested on expanding, and working on, spiritually. This can include Meditation, Mediumship, Tapping into your own personal abilities. The sky is the limit! Bring your questions, and a pad of paper. We are going to dive deep! Are you ready?

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3 Card Tarot Reading

This is a three card Tarot Spread - Please message your question to: 918-351-5182 after payment is made. Melissa will txt message your reading to you.

Personalized Angel Intuitive Painting & Reading

This is an Angel Intuitive reading and original Angel Painting just for you! Each Painting is infused with healing Angel Energy. Your painting and reading, will be emailed to you via pdf.

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Spiritual Development Class 1

This is a recorded video of Our Pre-requisite Class for Spiritual Development. You are welcome to attend Spiritual Development Class on weekly basis. We meet every Monday, in the month of January @7:00 pm central time. Once you purchase the first class, I will contact you with the video link and information for our student group, and zoom link. Each class is $11.11 pay as you go. Thanks! See you soon & Enjoy. Rev Melissa Kennedy

Shamanic Healing Session Recorded For You

In this healing session, Melissa works with various guides and angels and custom fits a healing session for you & your current energy. This is a healing where Melissa works with her Trance guides, crystal grids & any loving energy that wishes to assist you on your healing path. It is a session you can listen to again & again for maximum results

$11.11 One Card Oracle Reading Just For You

Ask your question and Melissa will intuitively pick a card for you from her vast array of oracle cards. She will record your message and send it to you via text or email.