Melissa Meditates, and connects to your Angels and Guides, in unison with hers to create an original Angel painting for you. She intuitively chooses the colors for your painting. She then writes an uplifting Angel reading from what she sees, feels, and senses about your painting, just for you. It is a magical journey with The Angelic Realm. It is my hope that each painting brings you healing to your heart, spirit, and mind. (The Angel Photo here is 'Archangel Michael'). An amazing thing happened while this picture was drying. If you look closely, you can see Archangel Michael's eyes looking at you from the painting. Allow his love, strength and energy to heal the very reaches of your soul. This painting was his gift to me. I hope you find it as beautiful as I did. Call upon Archangel Michael when you need protection of any kind. Each Angel Intuitive Painting & Reading is done via email. You will receive the original Painting and Reading via pdf file.

  • Category: Intuitive Angel Painting With An Emailed Reading
  • Duration: 00:01 Hours


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