29 Jun

Each day we should be mindful of our thoughts. We have the power to govern over our thoughts.

Our thoughts come and go and some may even be repetitive. When you start to cultivate mindfulness in your life you will begin to recognize how your thoughts impact your daily life.  It is important to understand that we can hold each thought in love and kindness.  We can acknowledge each thought, and simply let it go. The more we recognize our thoughts the more we can learn what we need to change or improve about them. The practice of mindfulness will ultimately bring your awareness to the process of removing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones!  It really is that simple! 

Mindfulness teaches us to meet ourselves exactly where we are, in the present moment.  The present moment is all we really have! 

I am challenging myself with my own cultivation of mindfulness! If you would like to follow along you can visit my youtube channel.  I am in no way a professional video maker or producer! I am authentically me, and my daily messages are spirit guided.  I am growing spiritually, and I am also growing my technological capabilities.  

We are all a work in progress! Come grow with me.

Melissa's Mindfulness Movement (30 Days of cultivating spirit guided mindfulness)


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