23 Nov

A message for the collective from Ganesh11/23/20Today while meditating, Ganesh came in and told me he wants to and is working with me.  Bringing me his beautiful colorful crystalline energy, I hear tinkling of little bells, as he enters in.  I feel my eyes water as this tinkling sound raises my vibration.  He is giving us music of the Hindu or Indian nature to connect with him. He brings us positivity, abundance, blessings. A beautiful bounty of delicious food, so much fruit, foul, a beautiful bounty.  He lays it out before us.  The food represents abundance but, not in Mammon. It symbolizes life as a table of plenty. Free flowing love, energy, divinity.  Ganesh wants to share this bounty with his followers. Meditate, ask, and you will receive these gifts.  Both in mana, and spiritual riches.    He is sharing his knowledge of manifestation with us.  He wants us to know, we think, therefore; we have. We are never in a state of want, if we know we already embody and have all the blessings we need. Trust, the right situations, the right path, the right people will flow to you as they are needed for your highest and best good! He is wishing all of us in the USA an abundant and Blessed Thanksgiving Day.  He imparts that GRATITUDE for this year is necessary.  Reflection is called upon now. Take this time to ponder the gifts, the blessings, even in the hardships, and difficulties. We are Blessed.  Together, we give Thanks. Thank You Ganesh for your beautiful light, and message! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Peace, Love, Light & Blessings to All! Rev Melissa

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