24 Mar

Through art, beauty and messages speak to the soul! This is one of my most recent Intuitive Angel Paintings that I did for a client.  This image reveals her deep connection to the Christ Light Consciousness, and the Angels Metatron, Azrael and Zadkiel also appeared for my client. This painting also holds messages from Animal Spirit Guides for my client.  It embodies messages from the Spirit Of The Owl, as well as the Butterfly and the Bee!  I am always amazed at what spirit reveals to me when I meditate and place the paint to canvas.  The pictures and messages are like a free flowing river of divine wisdom.  Each painting is infused with the vibration, healing, and frequencies from the angels. This energy is constant, the healing received is truly divine.  I am presently writing a book that reveals the messages within these images.  My hope is to raise the awareness that the presence of Angels surrounds us all.  The Divine and this Universal presence created Angels to watch over us.  They never let us down.  Call upon Angels for all of the experiences in your life. They wait for us to call upon them.  May Angels protect you and guide you throughout your entire lifetime.


Rev. Melissa 

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