26 Dec

A Channeled Message from:  Archangel Chamuel
Channeled By: Rev Melissa Kennedy 12/26/22

Greetings ~ It is I: Archangel Chamuel ~ You may not know me, or who I am or what my role is in this Universe. I am the purveyor, if you will, of unconditional love. My message today is simple, yet some find the very essence or concept of love difficult to understand or grasp. You may feel, love, is simply a feeling, that you should be experiencing at all times, especially when it comes to a relationship with a partner. This kind of expectation is the very thing that brings so many out of the frequency of love. Love is a state of being, it is a choice and a decision we make at any given moment, and in any situation that is presented to us. You may feel that love is somehow, something you can control, or measure, or keep track of. You may expect that love is something, that if given, it should then be returned by the one that we have chosen to give love to. This is not always the case, you see, the Universe is in complete reciprocity with where all of this love needs to go. The universe is in accordance with the one heart, and as individual aspects of that one heart we should understand that love is something that we all have an abundance of each and every day. I am Archangel Chamuel, I understand all matters of the heart. I am the overseer of the heart of mankind. If you look out, at our world today, we have too many people in the mindset of lack or need in regard to love. Love is something that we all want, yet so many find this an elusive conquest. If I may, I need to remind you, could it be, you are missing the point about love, itself? Step outside of yourself, out of your ego mind, and realize love is a choice. You can choose to love yourself; you can choose to be in perfect peace within your inner heart, your inner house, that is where all the love you need can be found. Silly humans, you are never alone, you are never devoid of love. There is a light so bright, inside of each and every one of you. It is like your own little power station of love. Can you picture that? I Archangel Chamuel, promise to be here with you, each step of the way, as you will truly figure out, this love that you chase, that you long for, that your heart and mind needs, is already right there inside. All you have to do is connect with that divine spark of love and then choose to radiate that love out into all of the dark places of our world today. Open your eyes to the places that need your love. When you are consumed by creating, and connecting into that perfect, limitless, wellspring of love within, I promise, you will never feel in lack of love again. Do you want to know a secret? There is a world out there just waiting for you to turn up the dial on that love you have within. How do you save the world? You just decide to love everyone and everything, unconditionally. Remember, love has no limits. . If you need more assistance in the ways of love, invoke my name, I will help you to create and become that love you wish to see in your life.
I love you all, Archangel Chamuel

A Channeled Message With Archangel Chamuel
By: Rev Melissa Kennedy 12/26/22

As predicted by:  Rev Melissa Kennedy

2023 Is going to be the Year of The Heart ~ We will be called to clear, cleanse and heal, all matters of the heart.  It is advisable to get a green Aventurine Crystal, and a Rose Quartz Crystal, to amplify your connection to divine love

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